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Zoltan, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI

Zoltan is a self proclaimed "King of the Gypsies," who travels the roads of Britannia, along with his daughter Karina, the mystic Taynith, the juggler Blaine, and their dog, Kador.

In Ultima VI, the Avatar found Zoltan to be a proud man - free as the open road, although his advice or services never were. Zoltan was willing to perform a traditional dance for a few gold coins, with his daughter Karina accompanying on the fiddle. He also advised the Avatar on "alternative" methods of opening doors, and had a small selection of reagents for sale. If queried, Zoltan would speak highly of Mariah, then a scholar at the Lycaeum; as well as recommending Dr. Cat, a tavern keeper in Paws. He would also extol the virtues of gypsy women, if asked about them.

In exchange for ten gold pieces, Zoltan would tell the Avatar how Captain Johne, who was then living in the underworld among the gargoyles had given him a silver tablet which he to deliver to Mariah. Zoltan explained that he and his company were ambushed by Captain Hawkins and that the tablet was lost before they finished there sojourn to the Lycaeum.


  • In reality, the historical title of "King of the Gypsies" was a claim with different ramifications depending on regional and cultural norms. It was certainly not uncommon for the title to be claimed by multiple persons. In several instances it seemed to be taken purely as a means of stabilizing relations with prejudiced gaje (non-gypsies), who could use the "King" as a scapegoat rather than punishing Romani communities as a whole for individual slights. In actuality, most Romani groups have no cultural notion of kings or inherited rulers. [1]


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