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Yvella, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Vesper

Yvella is the wife of Cador and the mother of Catherine, living in Vesper. Beneath the pleasant surface however lies a person who is a racist and bigot.

The Avatar met her at home in Ultima VII. Yvella revealed herself to be a fervorous Fellowship member, together with her husband, speaking in the highest words of them. About Vesper however, she had less nice things to say. She felt that mayor Auston was weak and even tried to convince the Avatar to run for the post of mayor.

When talking about her daughter, Yvella confessed that Catherine acted strange and she feared that she was visiting the Gargoyles in the other part of the city. She revealed herself to be a strong racist and a member of the Britannian Purity League, even handing the Avatar their propaganda. However, after finding out that Catherine visited the Gargoyle historian For-Lem, the Avatar decided to not tell her.


  • Should the Avatar tell her of Catherine visiting For-Lem, then Cador will lynch the Gargoyle.