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Yurel, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Unknown
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Issik's Maze

Yurel is a product of the War of Imbalance, and appears to be a creature made up of a blend of human and cat. While not overly intelligent, Yurel can speak to the Avatar, something which is vital to the quest to find the Silver Seed in Ultima VII Part Two.

Located in Issik's Maze in the time of Serpent's Fang, Yurel was captured by the soldiers garrisoned at the Keep, and was meant to be examined by the healer, Surok. However, it appears, according to Tsandar, that Surok took pity on Yurel and freed him from his cage, allowing him to escape into the cave systems in the surrounding area.

On his way from the Keep, Yurel stole one of the four Orbs (the purple), as his cat-like nature made him believe it was simply a shiny ball. While loathe to part from his toy, Yurel will do so if the Avatar can offer him a piece of cheese, which is his favourite food.

Despite the beliefs of the Order soldiers in Serpent's Fang, Yurel is harmless, having an almost child-like air about him. He appears to have been born at the Temple of Tolerance.

His final fate is unknown.