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In eastern Eodon lives the Yolaru Tribe, whose origins are the steppes of Africa. They have their village at a strategic point which allows they to control all the trade and travel going on between north and south Eodon. A fact that not everyone likes. Especially the Kurak Tribe dislikes the situation, thus they are in constant conflict with each other. The Yolaru Tribe also makes it their hobby to humiliate the Disquiqui Tribe, which they think of as fools.

In Savage Empire, Dr. Rafkin had come into the tribe's lands, but his knowledge of science and therefore the tricks he could produce, quickly won him the favor of the tribe and he intimidated chief Apaton by claiming he could turn him into a toad (a threat which Apaton was not willing to test). Therefore the Avatar found him free to go when arriving at the village.

When later asking them to join the other tribes against the Myrmidex, Apaton demanded ten Obsidian Swords made by the Nahuatla Tribe, before he would agree to the proposal.


In the Village[]


The Yolaru are a black tribe dwelling in some of the deepest jungles of the valley of Eodon. Their antecedents are definitely African, but I have been unable to pin down even an approximation of the era they left their homeland and came to the Valley of Eodon.
I had the fortunate opportunity to live among the Yolaru for a time, and found them to be among the most civilized of the human tribes of the valley - civilized not in terms of technological advancement, but in the sophistication of their tribal laws and the tolerance in which they hold the beliefs of other tribes.
Their dialect of the common valley language contains elements of what I believe to be Bantu dialects. Their choices of weapons include the to - be - expected spear and knife, but the Yolaru warriors also had a certain affection for large wooden club - like maces featuring wicked - looking obsidian spikes.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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