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Yew is the city dedicated to the Virtue of Justice, and therefore the headquarters of the Druids of Britannia, which corresponds with its closeness to nature.

Situated in the Deep Forest of northern Britannia, Yew isn't a real city in the strict sense. The settlement scatters over quite some span of forest, as the inhabitants had decided to live with nature, rather than bending it to their will. The highlight of Yew is the High Court of Britannia, fitting for the city of Justice. Built nearby is the prison. The Bee Cave with its Giant Bees lies just south of the city.

Thanks to its rural nature, Yew is a very quiet and peaceful place, and the inhabitants are amongst the friendliest in Britannia.

There isn't much economy in Yew because of its structure, but some trainers of the art of fighting can be found.

A Moongate near the city ensures fast transportation.

History of the City[]

Yew in Ultima I

The heavily-forested city of Yew, Ultima III

The city of Yew is old. It already existed in the Age of Darkness, appearing at the time of Ultima I. In Ultima III, the Stranger obtained a password by praying in the Circle of Light. This password was needed to bypass the Great Earth Serpent in order to reach the Isle of Fire. After the establishment of the Eight Virtues, Yew became the city of Justice.

In Ultima IV, Yew was same size as all of the cities. Yew also hadn't changed much in Ultima V, with its walls intact. During that time, it was the second largest city, surpassed only by Britain. Yew became the center of the Oppression with the inquisition under Judge Dryden. Like all of the cities, Yew was haunted by the Shadowlords until their destruction.

When the time of Blackthorn's tyranny passed, the city walls were razed, but despite that, Yew didn't grow much, as seen in Ultima VI. 200 years later, by Ultima VII, Yew had dissolved as a city, the settlement having spread over the Deep Forest in an attempt by the inhabitants to get closer to nature.

By the time of Ultima IX, Yew had grown once again as the city of Justice and was still located within the forest, with many of its habitations built in the treetops of the Deep Forest.


Northwest from the mountains begin the vast woods known as the Deep Forest. Many a traveler has become lost among these tall, majestic trees. If they feet stray from the beaten path, do not despair, for within the woods lies the beautiful city of Yew, home of the mystic Druids. The High Court of Yew judges all the important cases in Britannia and is famed far and wide for the wisdom of the decisions rendered here.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Long a gathering place for Druids in their pursuit of Justice, Yew is the site of the Supreme Court of Britannia and nurtures the great legal and judicial minds who practice there. Besides the courts, jail and penal areas, Yew has one of the best restaurants with a fine pub, an armoury and an apothecary. Nestled beneath the trees of the Deep Forest, Yew is second in population only to Britain.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Second in size only to Britain, the town of Yew is the judicial and legal heart of the Kingdom, being home to the Supreme Court of Britannia. Druids and philosophers have long gathered under the shade trees of the Deep Forest surrounding Yew, exploring the subtle nuances of justice and righteousness. While visiting Yew, one will find a fine pub and a fully equipped armoury and apothecary.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

Yew is known as the City of Justice, but it has changed considerably over the years. The buildings that remain where the city once stood have been abandoned for many, many years. The citizenry of Yew have chosen a life independent of normal civilization. They now live scattered throughout the Deep Forest. Their only remaining link with outside civilization is Empath Abbey. The Abbey has assumed responsibility for the Court of Yew as well as its prison. Many travellers to Empath Abbey come to visit the graves of loved ones at the nearby graveyard.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Fittingly, the road to Yew has decayed and fallen victim to banditry, and though there are other routes to the city of Justice, they are hard to pass. Founded on the druidic law of the land, the city of Yew blossomed as the need for defining order grew in Britannian civilization. Near the city for many years stood the Empath Abbey, the seat of Love. Its influence over the courts of Yew could not be denied. Yew remained a stronghold for righteous justice, yet recent times have weakened her posture. The decorous and formal courts have been replaced by a single rollicking amphitheater where drunken citizens cheer the heroes and assail the villains of jurisprudence. Trials have become acts of showmanship and conclude with someone, guilty or otherwise, being carried in chains to the Dungeon of Wrong. Wherein law stood on the stout timbers of the Deep Forest, chaos has chopped at its base. Nevertheless, Yew remains a favored destination for the traveler as the thought of a fine wine in her excellent inn can put a hop in one's step on the twisted road leading to it.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)


Ultima IV[]

Map of Yew in Ultima IV

Ultima V[]

Yew level 1

Yew underground

Ultima VI[]

Map of Yew in Ultima VI

  • Andrea: tavernkeeper
  • Ben: woodcutter
  • Boskin: prisoner
  • Jaana: healer and Companion of the Avatar
  • Lenard: tailor
  • Lenora: mayor of Yew and judge of the High Court
  • Nicodemus: mage
  • Pridgarm: prison keeper
  • Sinjen: criminal
  • Utomo: blacksmith

Ultima VII[]

Map of Yew in Ultima VII

Ultima IX[]

Map of Yew in Ultima IX


Ultima III[]

Ultima IV[]

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