Casting X-Ray

  • Words of Power: WIS YLEM
  • Reagents: MR, SA
  • Circle: 5th

This spell is truly useful if the hidden has to be laid to the open. With walls, mountains, etc. blocking the line of view, this spell enables the caster to simply look through them, as if they are made of glass, for a short time. Very useful for finding secret doors and passages. The white potions originally had the same effect.

Both the spell and potion were outlawed after an infamous peeping-tom scandal at 207 A.E.


Adept magicians are relied upon, not only to aid in battle and to repair wounds, but to guide their party wisely. Wis An Ylem provides the necessary insight, by making the hidden apparent. For an instant, the caster may see through the densest forest, tallest mountain and most solid rock. No wall can be too thick, no door too heavy. Requiring intensity of concentration, Wis An Ylem cannot be maintained for more than a flash of time. Thick, mature mandrake root must be combined with sulphurous ash in clear rain water. Boil the mixture until it becomes steam and capture the steam in a small glass box. Open the box as the spell is uttered.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • The true reason why this spell vanished by Ultima VII is actually, that the game engine was a permanent X-Ray, making the spell and potion useless.
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