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Dungeon Type: Dungeon (prison)
Opposes the Virtue: Justice
Word of Power: MALUM


The prison of Wrong

The prison of dungeon Wrong.... An old, long abandoned prison complex, once the most feared prison in all of Britannia, located at the western shores of Lost Hope Bay. Where once guards have watched over their prisoners, now all kind of humanoid creatures: trolls, gremlins, headless and other have made these walls their home. And rumors of liches are also heard. The underground complex is riddled with locked gates and traps of all kinds, but also with lots of loot, witness of all the stuff the inhabitants have stolen.

Still, while complex, Wrong isn't too difficult of a dungeon, and a seasoned warrior should have no problem dealing with its denizens and looting the place of all its treasures. However in Ultima V level 8 seems to spawn a never ending flood of Daemons which is very dangerous.


Ultima IV[]

The Anti-Justice Dungeon of Wrong was first entered in Ultima IV. The Green Stone was found in it, and the magic orb in it gave good experience boosts and it connected to two of the Altar Rooms. It was, already back then a empty underground prison, given up after everything went wrong. After the end of the Quest of the Avatar, the Great Council sealed the dungeon, to lock in the horrors in it.

For a detailed solution, see: Solution for Wrong in Ultima IV

Ultima V[]

New monsters settled in the dungeon in Ultima V, when Wrong again was visited. The Avatar yelled the Word of Power "MALUM", learned from Felespar, to open the entrance. It connected to the Underworld, where the Shard of Falsehood was found.

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Ultima VI[]

In Ultima VI, Heftimus McPry had lost his piece of the map in it, forcing the Avatar to retrieve it. Wrong during that time also connected to the dungeon Covetous.

For a detailed solution, see: Solution for Wrong in Ultima VI

Ultima VII[]

Wrong didn't change much after that. In Ultima VII, the Avatar visited the dungeon to loot it.

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Ultima IX[]

Wrong is a regular prison in Ultima IX. Raven is falsely put there by the corrupted court in Yew. The Avatar enters through a secret back door with the aid of Vasagralem. Inside the prison the player can free Raven. Using the key she gives you Avatar is able to reach the column and retrieve the Rune.

For a detailed solution, see: Solution for Wrong in Ultima IX


Once the most feared of prisons, the dungeon Wrong is an underground fortress whose cells are haunted by unliving remnants of those who died there. Orcs now cache their victims' treasures in the same chambers where soldiers of ancient kings stood watch over the torture of prisoners, and underground rivers turn the prisoner's oubliettes into breeding grounds for things better left unnamed. In the very heart of northern Britannia is the entrance to this place of hate and ruin.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

Citizens of Yew who fail to meet its exacting standards of justice are cast into the prison of Wrong. Vigilantly guarded, the prison is reputed to be the most trying in all of Britannia. Even the prisoners cannot marshal a primitive code of their own, and chaos reigns. As of late, the Yewian brand of justice has been applied on an ever-broadening scale, as the courts seem to believe that the accused are guilty until proven otherwise. Rarely is this proof accomplished, and it is customary for such proof to be accompanied by generous payments to the judge or his political underlings. Few Yewians care for the rights of prisoners, for the guilty are punished most severely. Visitors to the dungeon should arm themselves against spirited on their person and their values. The guardians of Wrong are most able. Those who enter herein are wise to avoid them.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)


  • In Ultima VII, Wrong actually consists of three parts.

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