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Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour is a book written by Vetron and found in Ultima VII, in which he describes the strength of weapons and the protective value of armour. The list is quite complete and accurate, with the Black Sword being the only major weapon missing a value (it is listed as unknown). Due to sloppy programming, the book can also be found in Ultima VII Part Two: The Serpent Isle.

The list is seen below:

Here is listed, for easy comparison, the various weapons and their effect upon opponents:

Axe, two-handed: 10
Blowgun: 1, can be used with poison or sleep
Bow: 8
Cannon: 90
Club: 2
Crossbow: 10
Dagger: 1
Halberd: 10
Hammer: 4
Hammer, Two-Handed: 9
Knife: 2
Mace: 5
Main gauche: 2
Morning Star: 5
Powder keg: 16
Sling: 3
Sword: 6
Sword, Two-Handed: 11
Throwing axe: 4
Torch: 3
Triple Crossbow: 28
Whip: 4

Armour and shields and their protection effectiveness are described here to permit the informed soldier the opportunity to select the armour best suited to his or her fighting style:

Buckler: 1
Chain armour: 2
Chain coif: 2
Chain leggings: 2
Crested helm: 3
Curved heater: 3
Gauntlets: 2
Gorget: 3
Great helm: 4
Greaves: 2
Kidney belt: 1
Leather armour: 1
Leather boots: 1
Leather collar: 1
Leather gloves: 1
Leather helm: 1
Leather leggings: 1
Plate armour: 4
Plate leggings: 3
Scale armour: 2
Spiked shield: 2
Wooden shield: 2

Here is a list of the better-known enchanted weapons:

Magic arrow: +4
Magic axe: 8, can be thrown
Magic bow: 12
Magic sword: 7, very accurate
Glass sword: 127, breaks

Enchanted armour:

Magic armour: 5
Magic gauntlets: 3
Magic gorget: 4
Magic helm: 5
Magic leggings: 4
Magic shield: 4

Rarities and oddities of Britannia:

Fellowship staff: 6
Fire sword: 8
Musket: 9
B.R. sword: unknown