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Verity Isle lies in the east of Britannia. To the north lies Dagger Isle. The Isle itself is densely forested, although the expanding city of Moonglow, the city of Honesty, in the south of the isle has pushed back the forest in the recent years. On the north-western slopes of Verity Isle lies the Lycaeum with its various side-buildings. A Moongate is found in the southeast of the island.

After first seen in Ultima IV, Verity Isle had changed only very little, although the expanding city of Moonglow had pushed back the wilderness on the isle considerably.

One of the few areas of Britannia which has a detailed map (see right) which gives us the names of locations around the island.

Verity Isle

Translations of the Runic[]

  • The Lycaeum
  • Lycam Bridge
  • Bay of ---uh (Blocked by parallel rule)
  • Uerity bridge
  • Massar Isle
  • Ooom
  • Bay of the Moon
  • Moon bridge

Things to see[]