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Vengeance Bay, last stand of the Zealan navy


This bay was the site of the last big sea-battle in the war of the Pagans against the Zealans. The Pagans called upon Hydros to destroy their enemies. And she did. She first sank the flagship of the Zealans, before bringing it back up to the surface, the crew now her undead slave minions.

The Vengeance Bay is hard to reach, only by ship or boat, and therefore not often visited.


This area is beyond the reach of those without the means to cross the seas in safety - a rare thing in these times. The bay was the site of the last and greatest true battle between the Zealans and the Pagans, who won by calling upon Hydros to pull the Zealan leader's ship under the sea. To further the show of power, Hydros spat the ship back up, cursing all on board to eternal slavery as part of her undead legion.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)


  • The ghost ship is even shown on the cloth map of Pagan.
  • Despite it being mentioned in the The Chronicle of Pagan, Vengeance Bay is never actually visited.
  • If the learning of Tempestry hadn't been removed from the final release, it might have provided the ability to visit the Vengeance Bay.

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