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Valkadesh, from Ultima VI
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VI
Location: Realm of the Gargoyles

This article is about an NPC in Ultima VI. For an NPC in Ultima IX, see Valkadesh (U9).

Valkadesh Wis-lem, Valkadesh the Scholar, is the father of Beh Lem, living in a house outside of the main city.

Valkadesh studied the Book of Prophecies in Ultima VI and advised the Avatar that the sacrifice the prophecy spoke of could have three meanings: of self, of others, and of valuables. After the Avatar visited him with Beh Lem, Valkadesh suggested sacrificing the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom to save the Avatar's life and the lives of the Gargoyles.

There is a gargoyle named Valkadesh in Ultima IX, but his behavior is quite different.