Editable Codex

Hi! I'm Tribun (aka Tribun Dragon)

I can't really say much about myself, but I will make sure to contribute much.

Now that most of the topics are filled, my priorities are pretty easy to sort, so this is, what I feel I still have to do:

  • Tribes of Eodon (Places on Eodon). -Done
  • Places on Mars. -Done
  • Dungeon Solution for Ultima VI -Done
  • Dungeon Solution for Ultima VII -Done
  • Ultima V NPCs. -Done
  • Ultima IX NPCs. -Done
  • Ultima Underworld I NPCs. -Done
  • Ultima VI Caves + Solutions -Done
  • Ultima VII Cave Solutions -Done
  • Savage Empire NPCs -Done
  • Martian Dreams NPCs
  • Ultima VII/2 Dungeon Solution -Done
  • Dungeon Solution for Ultima IX
  • Ultima Underworld II Walkthrough -Done


I'm actually baffed at how fast I'm writing the Ultima IX NPCs, considering how long the Ultima VII NPCs took. The frightening thing is, it goes so fast because most of them only have little substance. They are mostly hollow and there's little to write.

They are now mostly done. I know that some are not written up, but that's because I lost the patience to deal with hollow pseudo-characters. If someone feel like filling up their ranks, you can do so.

UPDATE: I managed to finally finish them, with only one-liner NPCs and these ghost in the Netherworld (which I absolutely refuse to write, as they are stupid to the extreme) remaining. For me, Ultima IX NPCs are done.