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I'm FenyxDragon. As many may have guessed I'm an Ultima fan and in my spare time I like hammering away at this wiki.

I run FenyxBot which to my knowledge is the only bot on this wiki. If anyone needs boring repetitive things done on a lot of pages. I (hopefully) can help you out. The less thinking the edits need and more pages where the edit is needed the happier FenyxBot is.

You are further advised to keep a personal journal of your experiences. Make notes of conversations with the good citizens of Britannia. Record information found on signs or read in books or scrolls. Keep track of the location of provisions - items that seem unnecessary at one time may become useful at another. Do not hesitate to inquire of the people you meet about things that you seek. They may hold information vital to your quest.
- "Compendium", Ultima VI


  • Ultima IV Dungeon Mapping
  • Lore Quotes from all the manuals (and check for typos)
  • Reagents
  • Lore Quotes for all Reagents
  • NPC Infoboxes


  • Refactualization: I plan to continue to scattering {{Expert-verify}} everywhere. I hate that I have to second guess the content on the wiki. I also want to fix all typos in LoreQuotes.
  • More tools and templates: We need more templates. These can be useful tools for other editors and the consistency they bring to style is invaluable. Top priority here is finishing NPC-Infobox.
  • Style Guides: Sketch an outline for the style guides and then get help filling them in.
  • More content: You can see the list of content that I want to add above. I wish (1) wasn't always distracting me from this.
  • Grammar and spelling: I fix 'em when I see 'em.
  • Smoother wording: Although I can usually see the mistakes in other people's writing I also never like my own prose. So I find writing a corrected version daunting.
  • Encourage others to post their priority schedules: this!