Editable Codex


  • Complete Ultima VI NPCs
  • Complete Savage Empire NPCs
  • Complete Ultima VII NPCs (95% Tribun's work)
  • Screenshot of every Ultima IV NPC
  • Screenshot of every Ultima VIII NPCs
  • Eliminate all him/her, s/he, his/her, him/herself, he/she, and and/or within articles
  • Ultima I/Serpent Isle/UltimaVIII/Ultima IX quotes.
  • Quote everything worth quoting from Paths of Destiny, but not going to quote all cities since some are crowded.
  • Upload all Lazarus character portraits
  • Screenshot of every NPC in Ultima V including shopkeepers with Lazarus photo
  • Ultima V shops
  • Ultima IX price lists and NPC photos
  • Maps for all towns in Ultima V
  • Better categorize Location Maps and Walkthrough Pictures
  • Improve categorization (Never truly finished)
  • Britannia magic spell quotes, images, categorization, and better wording of articles
(Step 1: Quotes + Images Step 2: Improve text) (I've kind of fallen down on this job)
  • Include lots of screenshots and scans (900+ added)
  • What else?