Unnamed Goblin
Unnamed Goblin, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Goblin
Ultima Underworld II

The Unnamed Goblin is a goblin from a surface clan.

Together with his fellow Goblins Rogwump and the Dripper, they were scouting out the sewers beneath the castle, when the Guardian locked them in with his Blackrock Dome in Ultima Underworld II.

When the Avatar later found him on the fourth level, this Goblin was a bit reserved towards the hero. The Avatar told him to better explain his presence, saying that they were trespassers, but the Goblin dismissed this since obviously no one cared about the sewers. Relenting, the Avatar instead remarked that the Goblins seemed to find their way rather well. The Goblin offered to teach the Avatar some of his tracking skills, which the hero accepted.

The Goblin also told the Avatar about their problem with the Bloodworms around a fish-rich lake nearby -- a problem that the hero was able to solve. In return, the Goblin rewarded the Avatar with the Order Blackrock Serpent, explaining how his people got it in the first place.