Unicorn, from Ultima VII manual
Only appearance: Ultima VII

Unicorns are creatures of magic, resembling white horses with a long horn on their foreheads. Majestic and intelligent, unicorns are ironically unhappy with their existence.

Long ago, a wizard, disappointed by the unicorns, cursed the entire species. They were forced to kill all their females, and any kind of sexual energy now horrifies them. This is of course why they are used to test if someone is still a virgin.

Where they can be found is unknown.

The Avatar meets only one unicorn, more below.


Fanciful stories of these creatures abound in rural areas. The unicorn appears as a splendid, young, white stallion with a single great horn rising from its head. Legends tell of how only those who are truly virtuous may approach a unicorn. Unicorn sightings are rare - so rare in fact that most serious scholars deny their existence.

The Book of Fellowship

Notable examples

Lasher the Unicorn
  • The Avatar meets Lasher the Unicorn in Dungeon Destard in Ultima VII. Lasher tells the whole story of the unicorns, but only if the Avatar is still a virgin. If the Avatar partakes of the House of Baths, Lasher is disgusted, and avoids the hero.
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