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Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue is an add-on disk for Ultima VII, published by Origin in 1992. With it installed, a totally new quest becomes available, which can be played at any time in the game. Today, it is included in most of the collections that include Ultima VII.

Included with it is the "A Guide to the Isle of Fire" pamphlet.


The Isle of Fire rises out of the sea during the game, and Lord British fears the worst, the return of Exodus the Destroyer, sending the Avatar to determine the dangers. The Avatar has to master the test of the three Principles, gaining possession of the Black Sword. In the end, a plan of the mage Erethian has to be stopped and the Dark Core sent into the Void to prevent Exodus' return. With this done, Lord British declares the Avatar to be a real hero, and all stats are maximized.