Ultima I was released in 1981, and was the first official Ultima game. For the first three Ultima games, Richard Garriott, a.k.a. Lord British, did not seem care much about continuity until Ultima IV. Therefore, there are some restrictions on what will be acceptable on this page.

Ignorance of PredecessorsEdit

Coins From the FutureEdit

The coins that came with the game in the 1986 remake are supposed to be the same ones as in the game, but they display a Codex Symbol! (The same for the Ankh in the manual. I really don’t think it has something to do with the ankh on the clerics book in Ultima III.)[1]

Trinsic and JhelomEdit

Another mistake in the manual of the 1986 remake:
Most settlements are graced with public houses where a tankard of strong ale from the region of Trinsic or a flagon of the best Jhelom mead may be had for but a few coins. Neither Trinsic nor Jhelom exist in Ultima I.[2]

Response: This could be retconned; "The region of Trinsic" could refer to some unspecified area of Sosaria, since it doesn't say "The Towne of Trinsic." The same reasoning could apply to Jhelom as well. In the Age of Enlightenment perhaps these old, familiar names were applied to the new Townes.

General ProblemsEdit

The QuestEdit

Shamino, an old friend of Lord British, has one of the four colored gems that the Stranger needs to activate the time machine. Instead of just giving it to him, Shamino sends the Stranger to kill a monster first.

Response: Shamino may trust Lord British, but he may not trust a random stranger who claims to be friends with the king

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