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Ultima I-VI Series

The Ultima I-VI Series is a game compilation that contains the first six Ultima games. It is essentially a combination of the first trilogy and the second trilogy into one package, with all the games on one CD. It was released in 1993.

The contents are:


  • Again, a placeholder has to stand in for the real Ultima II cover.
  • Due to sloppy conversion, Ultima II got broken. The game originally came on three floppies, during a time when DOS didn't know sub-directories. This caused some files on different floppies having the same name. When it was all put into one directory, the planet maps from the galactic disk got overwritten, making the game unwinnable. This error was never corrected by Origin. (Thankfully, a fan did.)
  • Ironically, Origin only released this collection after another contractor had created the exactly same package, only with a different cover, a year earlier.