The Ultima Dragons are the largest Ultima fan club. They are also known as Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter, or UDIC due to their previous history.


The club was originally created on Prodigy, then, after some time they disbanded and disperesed due to changes in the Prodigy Network's fee structures, but was then reformed on the Internet in 1994 [1] due to the efforts of an ex-Prodigy member of the Ultima Dragons, Ethereal Dragon. There is a website dedicated to the club, including a roster of members. The club members gather in Usenet (particularly in newsgroup), but large numbers of the members also gather in various Ultima-related web message boards, and a MOO called the Weyrmount.

As a tribute to their fandom, Origin released the Dragon Edition of Ultima IX [2] which was a premium edition of the game with extra content such as a cloth map, a metal ankh, and tarot cards.[3]

Two individual members have also received tributes in Ultima Games.


Several members of the Ultima Dragons have been involved in remake projects regarding the Ultima series, some of which have received critical acclaim.

Ultima V: Lazarus is the most prominent of these remake projects. It received reviews in Computer Gaming World, PC Gamer, and a number of other gaming publications worldwide, and has received other press from multiple sources, including Slashdot. Several members of the UDIC were involved in its development.

Exult is also popular, though it is different from Lazarus in that it is less of a ground up remake and more of an engine replacement. It started life as a map viewer[4] and evolved into a full fledged multi-platform engine for Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle. Many of its developers are UDIC members, including Colourless Dragon (Ryan Nunn)[5] who wrote several of the integral parts of the engine - movement, rendering, NPC flags, and SI support, as well as Dominus Dragon (Dominik Reichardt),[5] who wrote and maintains the documentation. "Lord British" (Richard Garriott) the series creator gave his own unofficial support to the project.[6]


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