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Ultima: Runes of Virtue was developed by Origin and published by FCI for the Nintendo GameBoy in 1992.

Unlike the other games of the Ultima universe, this is actually mostly an action-adventure game, similar at the core to games such as The Legend of Zelda, with a strong focus on solving multiple puzzles throughout dungeons. As such it only has very thin relations to the main series.

Interestingly, the game is capable of multi-player, making it the first Ultima to offer this option.

Included with the game[]

Only the instruction manual is contained in the box with the game module.

Differences between the ports[]

Ultima: Runes of Virtue was developed for the Nintendo Game Boy. There are no other official ports.

The Story[]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The mysterious Black Knight has stolen all the Runes of Virtue and threaten Britannia. The Avatar's companions are sent to recover the Runes and stop him.

Spoilers end here.


  • The first multiplayer Ultima (five years before Ultima Online).
  • The map of Britannia bears very little resemblance to the land seen in the core series of games.
  • Dupre is described as a "swordsman from Jhelom", instead of a paladin from Trinsic.

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