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UOGateway(obsolete) is a legacy tool that was used to help connect UO clients to freeshards. Since patch 5.0.6c of the UO client, UOGateway has ceased to function. The author, known as "Mr. Fixit", has shown little to no interest in updating the application to work with client's past this patch number. There is a list of conditions that must be met for UOGateway to function. These are:

  • UO client patch must be at version 5.0.6c or lower.
  • If Razor is in use, it must be version 1.0.0 or lower.

Instructions to help with this can be found at the link below.

Patch 5.0.6c[]

Among other things, client patch 5.0.6c introduced a new client encryption scheme and all freeshard connection programs needed to update to use/remove this new encryption. [Razor] and ConnectUO both have the ability to function with the latest client updates and the older ones too.

Other Connect Tools[]

See also[]

It looks like someone has fixed uogateway somehow. Read here about it. UOKEY!!! [1]