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Tyrannosaurus from Savage Empire manual
Only appearance: Savage Empire

The Tyrannosaurus, also called a Tyrannosaurus rex or T.rex, is the undisputed king of creatures on Eodon in Savage Empire.

No one should dare to get even near this killing machine. Amazingly fast on its two powerful hind legs, the Tyrannosaurus is huge, has sharp claws, and a mouthful of teeth. Those factors alone already give it many advantages in battle. Even worse, its skin is so tough, it is effectively invulnerable to normal weapons. Without being creative, a T.rex is an obstacle that is nearly impossible to bypass.

Thankfully, these walking tanks are quite rare; with a bit of luck, most adventurers won't ever encounter one.


Family Tyrannosauridae. The Tyrannosaur dates to the late Cretaceous period (some 65 million years ago, about the end of the era of the dinosaur). It is another carnosaur moving on two legs, and is almost 60 feet in length. It stands a few feet taller than the Allosaurs (or is it merely that it appears to stand taller? I must do comparative measurements sometime ... when I am able to do so without being consumed) and weighs four times as much, massing some eight tons.

Among the inhabitants of the valley, its native name translates roughly as "Sharptooth." As observed in the Valley of Eodon, the Tyrannosaur is actually a quick-moving and intelligent predator; the natives say that it is in the habit of hiding itself behind stands of trees or ridges of hills and then ambushing its prey, roaring and racing down upon them at full speed. It is a prodigious and terrifying beast.

The tyrannosaur skulls I have been able to observe here suggest that the local species has developed a genetic defect in its skull structure: A blow of sufficient magnitude, assuming that one is able to hoist a boulder high enough into the air and drop in onto the tyrannosaur's head, might be enough to slay it in a single blow, if my calculations are to be trusted.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire)


Meeting an angry T-Rex

  • The player meets only three of these monsters in the whole game, and each has to be defeated by trickery, since one blow means instant death. One bars the way to the Urali Tribe and has to be tricked. Another, called 'The Thunderer' by the Sakkhra, keeps eating Sakkhra warriors who venture north to collect fruit and needs to be killed by a boulder on the head. The last one is east of the Disquiqui Tribe, and needs to be belled like a cat.