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The City Gate of Trinsic

Trinsic [trin-sick] is the city dedicated to the virtue of Honor, and therefore the headquarters of the paladins of Britannia.

Situated north of the Cape of Heroes and south of Paws, the first thing a traveller will see when reaching the city will be its city walls, which span around the whole city, the pride of the inhabitants. Preserving the walls even after the old times of war, in times of danger, a password is needed to pass through one of the three city gates (the law forbids to make it public).

Found in the center of the city is the pedestal where once the Rune of Honor rested, although it was stolen, and sold to the Royal Museum in Britain, reflecting the loss of virtue at that time of history.

The city stands on a strong economic basis. Being a sea-side city, it has a harbor with a shipwright. The Honorable Hound tavern has a wide array of foods and drinks available. The town also has a healer, provisioner, armory, stables as well as trainers for the fighting arts. In Trinsic, some of the best weapons and armor in Britannia can be brought for a reasonable price.

A moongate south of the city ensures fast transportation.

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In the time of Ultima I it is mentioned that strong ale of Trinsic would be found in the pubs around Sosaria.

Trinsic was founded in the time before Ultima IV after the declaration of Britannia. After the establishment of the virtues, Trinsic became the city of Honor. In Ultima IV, Trinsic was same same size as all of the cities. Trinsic also hadn't changed much in Ultima V, being still surrounded by its city walls, which restricted the city's growth. It was here, where the Sceptre of Lord British was lost to the Shadowlords. Like all of the cities, Trinsic was haunted by the Shadowlords until their destruction.

After the tyranny, Trinsic grew quickly grew, soon expanding beyond its city walls. While all other towns razed their walls, Trinsic kept them, but new developments were built outside by Ultima VI. Also, the fast growth resulted in poorer roads, often without pavement.

By Ultima VII, 200 years later, the city walls were expanded to again surround the enlarged city, and the roads were re-paved, returning the city to its complete look. It was in this Trinsic, where the Avatar started the investigation against the Fellowship, after a brutal murder.

The city was flooded and destroyed before Ultima IX. A new city was erected in the lagoon, but the corrupting influence of the column turned the inhabitants lazy and unfaithful, causing the ghosts of the dead to revolt in anger. The Avatar ended this, returning the city to normal.


Most settlements are graced with public houses where a tankard of strong ale from the region of Trinsic or a flagon of the best Jhelom mead may be had for but a few coins.

- from Manual (Ultima I)

South of Lord British's Castle can be found a large plain, mountains, and a dense forest. On the southern edge of the continent is the magnificent town of Trinsic, from whence come Lord British's finest Paladins. The Tap in town has some of the best brew around, and the bartender is a great source of current gossip. Be sure to tip him well!

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

On a grassy plain on the southeastern shore of Britannia, Trinsic's honourable paladins impress visitors with their courage and devotion to truth. A sunny towne of marble buildings and shaded parks, Trinsic has a lovely pond, an armoury, a healer, and a fine stable.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

The honorable paladins who make their homes in the idyllic town of Trinsic are noted for their courage and devotion to truth. Situated just north of the Cape of Heroes in the south lands, Trinsic provides many fine goods and services to the traveler, including a stable where the finest steeds are available to speed you along your way.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

This active seaport south of Paws and north of the Cape of Heroes is known as the City of Honor. Trinsic is the home of Paladins and also has an active branch of The Fellowship. Travellers might question the need for the walls that surround the city. As if this would not be enough to keep the city secure, the guards of the city will not permit anyone to enter or leave the city unless they know the secret password. While this was once done to maintain the security of the city and the safety of its citizens, it is now done mostly to sustain a traditional ritual. (Britannian law forbids the open publication of Trinsic's password.)

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

In the Great Cataclysm, the southern end of the Britannian continent was separated, and the walled city of Trinsic was carried with it. Its walls and streets were washed away in the volatile reshaping of the world. Its great warriors and weaponsmiths could have chosen to abandon their home, yet they did not. Their energies applied the studies of war to the problems of masonry in a wet and unfamiliar place. On top of the watery ruins of their former home, they built their new one on a bed of shapely bridges and canals, restored their fine buildings and smiths, and, when the work was done, attempted to return to their honorable ways. Yet all was not well in the honorable city of Trinsic. Though the buildings had returned to former splendor, honor has slipped into the canal and drifted away. Without honor, the tools of combat that had brought fame to this city have begun to undo it. There is no respect for fellow man or for the Code that protected all citizens of Trinsic. Disagreements find rapid and violent solutions in the gutter. Obligations are ignored. Debts are unpaid. Older residents cower in fear of the brash hooligans roaming the streets. Some claim that the beautiful bridges, so carefully forged from the remains of the Old City, have begun to crumble and fade.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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U4 Trinsic

Map of Trinsic in Ultima IV

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U5 Trinsic(1)

Trinsic level 1

U5 Trinsic(2)

Trinsic level 2

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Map of Trinsic in Ultima VI

And just north of the city:

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Map of Trinsic in Ultima VII

And just outside the walls:

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Map of Trinsic in Ultima IX

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  • In Ultima I Trinsic doesn't appear, but the manual of the remake mentions the region as a producer of strong ale.
  • In Ultima VII, Trinsic acts as a "training ground", to learn how to play the game.
  • There is access to a secret cheat room from the blacksmith's shop.

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