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The Triad of Evil is a collective term which refers to the three main villains of the Age of Darkness: Mondain, Minax, and Exodus.

Three times the Stranger from Another World ventured to Sosaria and defeated the villains one by one. The destruction of Exodus marked the end of the Age of Darkness. The Lands of Lord British, after much turmoil, became what now known as Britannia. And thus began the Age of Enlightenment.

For a detailed account of each of the villains, please refer to their individual article.


Mondain was the first to come, a cruel and cold-blooded wizard. He created the Gem of Immortality. With his great power he established his fortress at one thousand years in the past, and was able to raise his reign of terror unchallenged, until Lord British called forth a stranger from another dimension, who struggled through magic and technology, put an end to the terror.


After Mondain's defeat, his apprentice and lover Minax stepped up and continued his reign. She was so powerful that she was even able to assault the home world of the Stranger, Earth, at various points of time. Again the Stranger overcame much difficulty and brought Minax down.


Unknown to the people of Sosaria, the evil wizard and witch had created an unholy offspring known as Exodus, a daemonic being who is part magic and part machine. For twenty years it had stayed hidden from the eyes of the most vigilant. Then one day it brought up a fiery island known as the Isle of Fire from the depth of the ocean. This being snatched the Great Earth Serpent from its rest to guard the island, and unleashed the greatest horde of monsters ever that nearly brought the end of the world. This time the Stranger came with three companions. With the help from the mystic Time Lord, together they sought out a way and succeeded in bring down the powerful evil creature.