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Trellek, from Ultima VII
Species: Emp
Ultima VII
Location: Emp Village

Trellek is an Emp living in the Emp Village. He is the husband of Saralek, and has secret dream of going on an adventure.

At first Trellek was mistrustful when meeting the Avatar in Ultima VII. However, he became trusting after a little "bribe" in form of some honey. Trellek told the Avatar the he was responsible for the collection of food, especially fruit, for the clan. He spoke of their home between the silverfleaf trees and the others Emps, especially Saralek and Salamon. Trellek also knew of the fates of Nastassia's father Julius, telling the Avatar the story of how Julius had saved several small Emps from death at the price of his own life, a feat for which they call him a hero.

When asked about the Wisps, Trellik revealed that the Wisps were normally found in an abandoned fortress in the middle of the forest, and that he knew how to talk to them. Trellek said that while he'd like to travel with the Avatar, but would first need the ok from his wife before he could leave.

However, despite helping the clan, his wife still was against Trellek leaving, so he made a whistle that would emulate his Wisp call. Trellek tried it and managed to create the Wisp Whistle, thus enabling the party to talk with the Wisps.