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Buccaneer's Den map 1

Buccaneer's Den map 2

Buccaneer's Den map 3

Map for pirate treasure

Map for training book

Treasure island map

Map to Star of Britannia

There are numerous Treasure Maps hidden within Ultima IX.

Buccaneer's Den Maps

All three of these maps can be bought from the catographer of Buccaneer's Den. The first shows a hidden well beside Samhayne's house leading to treasure. The second shows a cannon that has to be fired two times to get the Gauntlets of Fury. The third shows the cave of the Silver Serpent.

Pirate Treasure Map

This map is found in the Dungeon Despise, and shows the location of a treasure chest on the beach southwest of Yew, at 0° 33' north, 41° 5' west.

Training Book Map

This map is found behind a tombstone in the graveyard in Cove. It shows the location of the underwater tomb of the swordmaster who was buried with the training book for the last 2-handed technique at 1° 23' north, 52° 3' west.

Treasure Island Map

This map is found in the cave leading to the Shrine of Honesty on Verity Isle. It shows a small island at 0° 4' north, 63° 4' east, with a treasure chest that besides other things contains a part of the Bone Armour.

Map to Star of Britannia

This map is found tucked into the supports of the entrance to the Mathis Mines west of Yew. The Marked Location is a cave on the isle southeast of Trinsic at 86° 50' south, 9° 58' west, within which lies the Star of Britannia, needed to be traded for the last staff technique.