The Treasure Map of Hawkins

The Treasure Map of Hawkins is a important item in Ultima VI and the only way to find the silver tablet. It shows the way to where the pirates have hidden their treasure years ago.

Captain Hawkins had been such a horrible and bloodthirsty man, that in the end his own crew killed him out of fear that his cruelty could turn against them. They ripped the map to the hidden treasure into nine pieces before going their own ways in life. The Avatar had to find the map pieces from the ten pirates of Hawkins, so that the hero could find the silver tablet for the translation of the Book of Prophecies.

The ten pirates are:


Pirate Map

Pirate's Map from the Ultima VI Clue Book

In Buccaneer's Den, you'll pick up the trail of a pirate's treasure. Homer knows of the tablet, but will trust none but a fellow member of the thieves guild. This is the most secretive of all the guilds, and the members try to keep its very existence hidden. Budo is the guildmaster. His house is hidden away behind the Fallen Virgin, near the entrance to Buccaneer's Cave. He pretends to be a simple provisioner, but mention of the guild will cause him to reveal his true nature.
Budo will send you to steal Phoenix's belt, to prove your worthiness to join the brotherhood of thieves. Phoenix lives beneath Britain, and the tunnels of Buccaneer's Cave can take you there. Have no qualms about stealing her belt - she has grown rich in her years under Britain, and can live well without need of further plunder. Though she is too crafty to be tricked out it, and too powerful a foe to easily defeat, you can obtain her belt through the powers of magic. Rudyom of Cove will teach you the necessary incantation.
Once you have the belt, Homer will tell you of Captain Hawkin's buried treasure. The treasure map was divided into nine parts, and you must seek them all out. Homer will tell you of five of them.
One of the pieces lies in a shipwreck, which you will find at 71 degrees South, 15 degrees East, by sextent. Care must be taken, for the spirits of the crew still roam the decks, and will not yield their secrets readily.
The pirate Ybarra is to be found on the lowest level of the dungeon Shame, lost and hungry. A little food will win his cooperation.
With but a hook for a right hand, Heftimus has been reduced to begging for coins in Jhelom. He will tell you that he lost his piece of the map in the dungeon Wrong. It lies on the third level down. Seeking the secret door in the chamber of the hydra will lead you to it.
Less fortunate was Harknose, who sought Sin'Vraal in the Drylands. As Sin'Vraal can attest, the pirate was caught by giant ants and dragged into their mound. His body lies in the queen ant's chamber on the fourth level, the map piece still on him. I beseech you, in seeking this, to avoid the queen if you can. Her death may lead to the extinction of the giant ants. Though they are monsters indeed, yet they have their place in the grand scheme of things, and their loss would be tragic.
The cook, Sandy, in Trinsic will help you in exchange for the egg of a Dragon. Destard, the lair of dragons, holds the eggs you seek on the fourth level. Wisdom may lead you to gather spells and potions of invisibility before you venture down there, rather than fighting the many dragons the dwell within.
When you bring the egg to Sandy, he will tell you where to find the rest of the pieces of the map. He will tell you the truth about Lord Whitsaber. When you go to Whitsaber and speak his true name, then ask about the map, he will give it to you.
The pirate, Bonn, on Dagger Isle has lost his sanity. And yet, in his ravings, he may speak of the basement beneath his house. You will discover it beneath his harpsichord. When you move it aside, his piece of the map lies therein.
Nathaniel Moorehead is dead, but you will find his widow living near Empath Abbey, west and a little north. She will tell you that gypsies stole the piece of the map she had. 'Twas none of my kin that did this. You must find Arturos, by the side of the road just north of Trinsic. He will sell you one more piece of the map.
Lastly there is Morchella, who lives east of Serpent's Hold. She seeks a magic shield. There are only borne by the members of the Order of the Silver Serpent. Koranada, over in the Hold proper, will tell you how to join. Members must have their own shields made, and Gherick at Siegecrafters will make one for you. First you must bring him a curved heater with a serpent on it, a gold nugget, and a magic gem. Then he will make your shield. Morchella will happily trade it for the map piece you need.
When you return with the eight map pieces, Homer will reveal the where-abouts of the ninth. But take care not to anger him! The map will show you which island you seek, but only Homer knows where to dig.
Following Homer's instructions will lead you to the Pirate Cave, a much larger place than he may have suggested. Despite the many false trails, you will eventually come to the chamber where the treasure is stored. The door bears a lock that you will be unable to master, and you will blast your way in instead.
Within this chamber you will find many valuable items, some magical in nature. A chest in the corner holds a magic fan; I foresee that this item will be of great use to you. In the center lies the silver tablet you need, and the cloak sought by Homer beside it.

- from The Book of Prophecies (Ultima VI)

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Captain Hawkins was inspired by Trip Hawkins[1], the founder of Electronic Arts. Some, if not all, of the pirates on this list are also linked to real world people associated with Electronic Arts.

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