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This article is about Ultima Online facet. For Britannian moons, see Moons.

Trammel and Felucca

In the Ultima Online continuity, Trammel is the name of the one of the "facets" of Britannia. Trammel was introduced with the third expansion pack, Ultima Online: Renaissance, on April 3, 2000, and became the second facet in Ultima Online.

The Trammel and Felucca facets themselves are nearly identical, but on the Trammel facet, PvP style of playing is forbidden, while it is allowed on Felucca. Trammel looks lively and spring-like compared to the foreboding atmosphere of Felucca. Two player demands were satisfied with the addition of Trammel: a rule set that does not allow non-consensual PVP, and additional open land for player housing.

The Lost Lands was copied to Trammel along with the rest of the original land. Since then, it has been natural to associate the Trammel Lost Lands as part of the Trammel facet and the Felucca Lost Lands as part of the Felucca facet. The island of Occlo is missing on Trammel.

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