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Even the most seasoned adventurers need training to improve themselves, while those new to adventuring need to learn the basics of battle, weapons, and magic. For this reason, there are trainers for fighting and magical skills found spread across the lands of Britannia. Some train in dexterity, others in strength or combat finesse, and a rare few teach the magical arts. Wise travellers will compare prices and training methods of the trainers, in order to find which of them best fit ones needs.

Trainers in the mystic arts are rare in Britannia, and are mostly elderly mages with lots of experience, so their prices tend to be high. The results, however, are well worth the investment.


The concept of using trainers to improve skills came into being very late in the series, starting with Ultima VII.


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Ultima VII trainers and their training program[]


Serpent Isle trainers and their training program[]

Ultima IX trainers[]

Note that in this game, each of the five categories has three techniques to learn. These trainers have to be visited in the order below to learn the techniques for each of the weapon categories.

One-handed weapons

Two-handed weapons

  • Duncan in Moonglow teaches the first two techniques.
  • The third technique is found in an underwater tomb west of Yew in a book.



Unarmed combat


The world beyond the cities - and sometimes within - can be a violent place. Many monstrosities indigenous to the Serpent Isle have a bloodthirsty hatred for humans, and even some non-sentient plants have lethal forms of protection. Fighters take up arms and armour to do battle with foes both natural and otherworldly. Some warriors travel great distances to receive proper training. Others learn directly upon the battlefield of life. Fighters discover early the importance of strength, agility and perception, else they die. Skilled with many weapons, fighters compose the bulk of the adventure-minded population and are often the protectors of entire communities.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

Practitioners of my art - especially those charlatans in Moonshade - are often willing to sell spells and reagents. Weaving magic is expensive and often wizards are forced to this sort of livelihood as a source of income. While I hope never to fall prey to such necessity, I will always be willing to share knowledge with other masters - shouldst there be any - of the arcane art

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)