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A torch is a portable source of light, typically a length of shaped wood with a slow-burning source of fire at one end and a tapered hand grip at the other. This construction is similar to that of a mace; thus, it can be employed as such. However, the party would be wise to assign the torch-bearer as a defender, rather than risk the chance of the source of light becoming separated from the party.

Considering that bulk of the use of torches will occur below grounds, it is wise for the traveler to have a great stock of torches before embarking on a journey. The degree of light produced is similar to that of the Create Light spell.

According to Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour, a torch has an effectiveness rating of 3, which doubles to 6 if used while still lit.

Torches first appeared in Ultima II, but could only be found by defeating certain enemies. They were available for purchase in Ultima III and onward, but not usable as weapons until Ultima VII


A pair of unlit torches

  • In Ultima III and Ultima IV, torches could only be bought in illegal guild shops.
  • Why torches were once so difficult to obtain has never been adequately explained.
  • In Ultima V torches can still be bought at a guild shop however they can easily be 'borrowed' from towns, or dungeons for no karma loss and are found in the loot of many monsters.
  • In Ultima III a lit torch lasts for 254 moves.
  • In Ultima IV a lit torch lasts for 100 moves.
  • In Ultima V a lit torch lasts somewhere between about 100 and about 125 moves.
  • In Ultima VI and later installments, torches were particularly effective when fending off slimes.
  • In Savage Empire, torches could be made by wrapping a tarred strip of cloth around a tree branch. They proved useful for burning away giant spider webs, in addition to their usual function.