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Torax, from The Chronicle of Pagan
Only appearance: Ultima VIII

Torax are peaceful animals, and Pagan's main source for meat and leather. However, should a Torax be provoked, it will crush its enemy easily, and they are hard to kill because of their thick hide.

Torax are found mainly in the Herdsman's Valley.


Large, slow reptiles, toraxen are the staple of the herdsman's stock. They are usually brown in color, though some have dark brown or dark gray spots. Their heads are broad and flat, filled more with bone and muscle than brain. Half as tall as a man and usually docile, the torax is particularly strong for its size, often able to knock down trees in one angry charge. Setting its head down, the torax charges victims and then snaps with its bone-crushing jaws. Their tough hide is thickest around the legs and back, making them especially difficult to damage in these areas.

The tremendous strength of a torax makes it an excellent dray beast; able to carry great loads for a long amount of time. In addition, their thick skin makes excellent leather, which is usable as clothing, armor and even temporary shelters. Torax meat is a staple food, whether served fresh as chops or dried as jerky.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

Notable examples[]

  • In the test of Theurgy, the Avatar has to heal a wounded Torax.