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Magic Ability: 1/4
Bonus: middle DEX light STR

The Way of the Tinker

The town of Minoc, positioned on the cold northern shores of Lost Hope Bay, is known for its hardy tinkers and craftsmen. These fine artisans also make superb fighters, for their demanding profession keeps them strong. The tinkers further themselves in the virtue of Sacrifice, for much sacrificing comes from time and energy devoted to fixing the broken articles of others. Tinkers are often skilled in several crafts, including: blacksmithing, clock making, glass blowing, explosive devices, sculpting, carpentry, architecture, and engineering. An expert tinker is an irreplaceable companion when threatened with the multitude of traps hidden to maim the unwary, nor must the party worry about their metal or wooden items going into disrepair.

Tinkers generally mistrust magic, only putting faith in what can be constructed by hand; although, some have been willing to acquiesce to using magic imbued gear when the advantage is apparent. The strong tinkers can bear the weight of the heaviest armour or weapons, however, the double-bladed war axe is a favorite.

In Ultima IX, the tinker receives +5 Karma, a buckler shield, and a map of Minoc as a starting bonus.



The Tinkers of Minoc are both highly skilled artisans and superb fighters. The work furthers them in the virtue of Sacrifice. They are generally suspicious of magic, believing that only hand-crafted artifacts possess true value, and thus seldom use it. A Tinker may use any weapon, however, the double-bladed war axe is preferred. Tinkers will use any non-magical armour. A traveling party with a Tinker aboard need never fear for repair of any metal or wooden items.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)


Our community has great need of any who can repair metal or wooden implements (especially weapons). Such artisans should also be warriors, due to the nature of our settlement. I do not think that the well-known tinker aversion to magic will be a problem here, for our mages are never intrusive.

- from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)

A tinker is skilled at all manner of crafts and mechanical tricks. For survival they rely on their thorough knowledge of traps and locks and their ability to repair damaged weapons and armor.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

The Major Professions
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