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The Time of Legends

Shadowguard in the Time of Legends

It is hard to describe what the Time of Legends really is. It is on one hand a place far, far into the past. On the other hand, this realm is outside of the normal flow of time, and is only accessible to mighty beings like Mondain, Minax or the Time Lord. It is said that evil influence from this time and place can poison the future and destroy all hope.

It was implied that Mondain's fortress in Ultima I is in the Time of Legends, therefore the need for a time machine to breach through to him. In Ultima II, Minax's fortress Shadowguard was located there, protected by a huge mass of the most horrible monsters to be found. Apart from her castle, there also were Time Gates to all four eras available in Legends.

With Minax's death and the return of her fortress to the real world, the Time Gates ceased functioning, and the Time of Legends was never visited again.


One period, reported vaguely by at least two independent travelers, appears to have no place in prior philosophic thought at all. Ironically, if it is what it appears to be, it is the period about which the most has been written. Until recently, such writings were believed to be speculation at best, pure fancy at worst. It is a time we know only through mythology - the time of Legends.

The time before time, peopled by creatures of myth and lore. Whether the time of Legends is ruled by good or evil affects all other times and places. It is believed that the power of the enchantress Minax, the authoress of our worst troubles, is greatest at this time.

- from The Second Age of Darkness (Ultima II)

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