Theurgy is the magic of Air, granted by Stratos of her free will. It is practiced by the Theurgists of Argentrock Isle, and mainly deals with spells of knowledge, illusion and healing. This all is possible thanks to the Breath of Air, an artifact used by Stratos to channel her power to her followers, so that no reagents are needed, only Foci to channel the power. With many years of study, foci are no longer needed for casting.

WARNING!: Never remove the Breath of Air, or all powers of Theurgy are lost! The Avatar did so, and the magic of air was lost forever for Pagan.

The Ritual to gain spells Edit

The art of gaining the spells of Theurgy is very simple. Once a man or woman is initiated into the order, they must to gather silver ore from the catacombs of Argentrock Isle, and let the blacksmith in Tenebrae form it into the different Foci. Once this is done, they have to be put on the altar in the main room of the monastery. Thus, it will be charged, and the spell can be used every time, as long as mana is available.

There are two exceptions to the rule: The spell "Air Walk" can only be granted by Stratos, while resurrection has no Foci, and can only be done by Stellos, no one else.

The Spells Edit

The following Spells are available for the Theurgist:

Spell Words of Power Foci Description
Divination IN WIS Sextant Tells the spellcaster the exact date and the current location.
Healing Touch IN MANI Pointing Hand Heals lesser injuries.
Aerial Servant KAL ORT XEM Arm Band Creates Aerial Servants to do the casters bidding to carry things and push levers.
Reveal Ort LOR Open Eye Destroys any illusion and dissipates invisibility.
Restoration VAS IN MANI Open Hand Heals a person completely.
Fade from Sight QUAS AN LOR Closed Eye Makes the spellcaster invisible to the foes.
Air Walk VAS HUR POR Wings Makes it possible to jump much farther than normal.
Hear Truth AN QUAS LOR Chain If someone lies, this spell reveals the truth to the caster.
Intervention IN SANCT AN JUX Closed Fist Creates an air barrier, which prevents the foes from coming near.
Resurrection VAS AN CORP None Resurrects a person, but the price is eternal blindness. Therefore, only Stellos can use it.


The Order of Enlightenment from which issued this magical discipline believes that to purify oneself and focus the inner energies of the mind eliminates the need to find power in the world around. Therefore these mages require no reagents of any sort.

However, in the process of becoming attuned to Stratos, the Titan of Air, small silver tokens representing the spells become necessary. These tokens are the doorways to power for the Novice, unlocked by words of magic. Once a monk has become an Adept, achieved "enlightenment," and then continued studies for several more years, he or she will find the foci no longer required and that the power flows from the mind of the Theurgist unimpeded by physical restraints.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

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