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The Ultima 6 Project (U6P for short) is a fan project to recreate Ultima VI. It is made by the Archon Team using the Dungeon-Siege engine.

The project was founded in 2001. While this project and Ultima V: Lazarus share the same basic engine, announcements from the team made it pretty much clear that U6P would be significantly different from Lazarus. It isn't a 1:1 copy of Ultima VI (a tempting idea since it was the first Ultima with real depth and a detailed world), but more on the lines of enhancing it while fixing the faults of the original. For example, it isn't initially possible warp everywhere with the Orb of the Moons as it was possible in the original, allowing for more story-building.

As of 05 July 2010, they have released version 1.0 of their project.


The following features improve it over the original Ultima VI, besides the graphical and audial upgrades:

U6 10 logo.jpg
  • In-game compendium, complete with all information, a section for notes and a list of all current quests.
  • The Orb of the Moons now can only be used to visit places where the Avatar was before. Moongates have to be repaired, before the Orb can accept them as destination. The closes most story-shortcuts.
  • More complex story, Britannia now is really "at war". Shrines on the mainland have to be freed, before a ship becomes available, Gargoyle attacks happen.
  • Elimination of various story errors, oversights and dead ends, like Quenton's murder, the missing Temple of the Virtues and the strangely flat world. Almost all story inconsistencies are now gone
  • Easier gold, ammunition and reagent management (everything is pooled).
  • More distinctive character classes. Each character class has their advantages and disadvantages now.
  • New NPCs, new quests, items and places. For example, the Realm of the Gargoyles are now much more detailed and also more interesting. Also the player now has more unique or magical items at disposal.
  • Map system, in that the party can get maps of numerous places and copy them into a map book.
  • Many more features...

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