Thaumaturgy is the only magic on Pagan, which stands outside of the magic of the four Titans. Basically, it accesses the Ether directly, thus there is no need for a titanic connection. This will cover this school of magic, which actually is only practiced by one person on Pagan, the old and wise Mythran.

Scrolls Edit

Magic scrolls are the simplest form of magic of this school. These scrolls expire after one use, with exception of one, special spell. The scrolls are as follows:

  • Detect Trap
  • Destroy Trap
  • Reveal
  • Invisibility
  • Heal
  • Restore
  • Detect and open secret doors: This is a special spell. Written by Mythran, this scroll never loses its power, meaning that it can be used as often as the caster wishes.

The Ritual to gain Spells Edit

The art of creating the spells of Thaumaturgy is simple. First, the mage needs a spellbook of the spell they wish to cast. Next, the needed reagents have to be acquired. Finally, the Words of Power have to be spoken, while holding all of these things and reading the spellbook. The reagents will vanish, while the spellbook will be powered up. Now the spell can be used as often as the mage wishes, with only the mana of the caster the limit.

These spellbooks and reagents usually can be bought from Mythran. However, the Earth and Fire reagents can only be obtained from the schools of these magics.

The Spells Edit

The Following Spells are available for the Thaumaturgist:

Reagent codes:

  • Eye of Newt: EY
  • Dragon Blood: DB
  • Serpent Scale: SC
  • Bat Wing: BW
  • Obsidian: OB
  • Brimstone: BR
  • Dirt: DI
  • Blackmoor: BM
  • Volcanic Ash: VA
  • Bone: BO
  • Pumice: PU
  • Executioner's Hood: EX
  • Pig Iron: PI

Spell Words of Power Reagents Description
Confusion Blast IN QUAS WIS EY BW SC OB BR Makes the foe lose any will to fight.
Meteor Shower KAL DES FLAM YLEM VA DI SC BR BM Calls a destructive meteor shower, which won't discriminate between friend and foe.
Summon Creature KAL XEN BW PU OB BO Summons a random creature to help the mage.
Call Destruction KAL VAS GRAV POR SC DB VA PI EX All visible foes are hit with horrible lightning bolts.
Devastation IN VAS ORT CORP BW SC DB VA PI EX BM BR Has REALLY horrible consequences (Armageddon).
Ethereal Travel ORT GRAV POR 5 pieces of Blackrock Enables travel to the Ethereal Void.

Lore Edit

Thaumaturgy is the term I use to define the collection of spells that I have learned over time. Put quite simply, Thaumaturgy borrows and steals a bit from each of the other magics, choosing the clear path of chaos rather than becoming too well defined and stagnant. Much like Sorcerers, I enchant items with the power of reagents and the mind.

Any Thaumaturge who knows the business may craft spells, scrolls, potions or various other implements of magic. There is almost nothing that I cannot do through the use of this form of magic, as it does not confine itself to a style.

In Thaumaturgy, the foci are the actual spell books that contain the formulae and references to the reagents required for the spell. In addition, enchanted, single-use scrolls that require no other components can also be used to cast spells. Most of the spells from the other forms of magic can be distilled to their basics and put into scrolls and books as well - by a Thaumaturge of sufficient skill, that is.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

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