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Terfin in Ultima V

Terfin is a volcanic island in southern Britannia, east of the Isle of Deeds and west of the Isle of the Avatar. Once holding the Palace of Blackthorn, it later became home to the gargoyles.

The gargoyles may look a little fear-inspiring, but they are more than happy to have visitors on their island, which is a very peaceful place. Up until several years ago, the ruins of Blackthorn's palace could be visited, but now, they are all gone, used as building materials. However, the visitor can still visit the Shrines of the Principles, which symbolize the three Principles of the Gargoyles.

Economically speaking, the town sports a combined tavern/inn, a trainer for magic and fighting, a provisioner, a healer and several other, smaller shops. The mine was emptied long ago.

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The future site of Terfin

Terfin is a relatively young island. At the time of Ultima IV, it was still largely beneath the sea, except for its three volcanoes. The Avatar had to travel there by ship to search for the Skull of Mondain which was found right in the middle between the volcanoes. The removal of the Codex caused the volcanoes to forcibly erupt, creating an island.

Blackthorn built his castle in Ultima V exactly on the spot where the skull was previously discovered, which had now risen above sea-level.

After the fall of Blackthorn, the volcanoes went dormant and the castle lay empty. Years later, Sutek made it his home for his experiments, and the island was renamed "Sutek's Castle". The wizard and his experiments were found there in Ultima VI. Sometime after this the castle was destoyed. The homeless gargoyles received the island as a gift, renaming it "Terfin," making it their home.

It was here that most of them were found during Ultima VII.

The gargoyles abandoned the city after the Great Cataclysm, and the island was claimed by the Guardian in Ultima IX, erecting his Fortress in its place.


Few nowadays venture near this monument to evil, but rumors abound that the mad wizard Sutek has taken refuge in the former abode of Blackthorn, the defamed ally of the vanquished Shadowlords. What Sutek might be doing there, none can say.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

Terfin is the home of the gargoyles, built upon the island once occupied by Sutek the Mad. Most gargoyles travel daily to Minoc in order to work in the mines. In Terfin one may find the gargoyle Hall of Knowledge and an active Fellowship branch. Not far from Terfin are the ancient ruins that were once the palace of the traitorous Blackthorn.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Grafted to Britannia by forces of black magic, this volcanic isle grew from the sea as if in complaint at the removal of the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom from the gargoyle people. While no science has explained its formation, here it remains: barren, inhospitable, and forbidden to Britannians royal to the crown. From the rutted cliffsides, evil whispers its old and provocative message. These lands were first poisoned by Lord Blackthorn and his insurgents. Terfin became the residence of the gargoyles after the underworld collapsed. Yet since the coming of the columns, the gargoyles numbers have mysteriously dwindled. Thought the evil from these soils has been banished long ago, sailors passing nearby have detected a growing sense of malice floating across the waves from Terfin. While Terfin is now reputed to be abandoned, someone or something has begun a demon's work deep in its womb.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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Map of Terfin in Ultima VII

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