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Tenebrae, the Twilight City

Description and History[]


Tenebrae, the city of eternal twilight, is the only known city remaining in Pagan after the great war, situated on the island of Morgaelin. To the west lies the Fishermen's Reef where people of said occupation live, to the east the Cemetery and the centre of the Necromancers and to the north the Herdsman's Valley with its Torax farms.

The city was build by the Zealans long before the war, and was the only city to survive it, becoming the center of life for many. Since then, the Tempest rules from there. In the early times after the war, Lithos once tried to destroy the city with his army of dead, but the Bonecrusher stopped his assault. Thick walls surround the city and divide it in three parts, silent witness of its warful past.

The central district is dominated by the City Palace, where the ruling Tempest lives. It is also the only building in the district, apart from the guard posts. However, access is not restricted and it would be difficult to do so, since it connects the other two parts of the city.

In the western district live the poor and craftsmen of Tenebrae. The river also flows through it. There, the tavern, blacksmith and arena are found among the houses of the common folk of the city. The districtlooks run-down.

In the eastern district live the wealthy and important people such as the Tempest's majordomo. In the eastern districts are also found the gem shop, the library, the training hall and the city sorcerer.

In these days, Mordea ruled with an iron fist, turning Tenebrae essentially into a huge prison for all its inhabitants. Her terror regima executed anyone who dared to speak against her and the people lived in fear, becoming defensive. With her death, normality returned.


Named the City of Eternal Twilight, Tenebrae is the only community excluding the various groups of spellcasters - known still to exist on Morgaelin. It was first built ages ago by our Zealan ancestors, who were forced out during the ancient wars. Despite its heritage, many of the edifices are new, having been reconstructed in recent years.

In the central part of the city is the Great Palace, home and court of the reigning Lady. From there she rules with a firm hand, keeping the peace via her very real threat of sending criminals to a watery grave.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)


Map of Tenebrae

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