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Temple of Tolerance


The Temple of Tolerance is one of the six temples sacred to the forces that form Order, Chaos and Balance, and used to belong to Chaos. Situated at the northern tip of Serpent Isle, the Temple of Tolerance was invaded by the forces of Order during the war, murdering everyone inside. It also houses the altar to create the Water of Enthusiasm.

In Ultima VII Part Two the Avatar had to get the water to create a fitting soul prism of the Bane of Anarchy. Surprisngly, Mortegro was trapped here after being teleported by a storm, exchanged with the altar of Tolerance. The Avatar freed him after getting the key. The altar was now found in Gustacio's manor in Moonshade. Later the Avatar had to free Sethys, who was also trapped in the temple, to speak with the Chaos Hierophant. However, once he left the temple, he promptly aged centuries and died.

The temple also houses the Mystic Web which can be used to spy on the Bane of Anarchy.

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