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Temple of Enthusiasm


The Temple of Enthusiasm, belonging to Chaos, is one of the six temples sacred to the forces that form Order, Chaos and Balance. Situated at the northeastern tip of Serpent Isle, the Temple of Enthusiasm was invaded by the forces of Order during the War of Imbalance, killing the Chaos Hierophant in the process. It houses the Water of Enthusiasm.

In Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar procured a quantity of the water in order to create a fitting Soul Prism that would capture the Wantonness Bane. By successfully navigating the temple's labyrinth, the well containing the Water of Enthusiasm was able to be reached. Tasked with restoring the Chaos Serpent, the Avatar later returned to the temple to summon the spirit of the Chaos Hierophant and receive instructions on performing the ritual required.

The temple also houses a magic lens that was used by the Avatar to observe the Banes of Chaos.

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