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A Teleport Storm strikes - indoors!

The Teleport Storms were a side effect of the beginning Imbalance in Ultima VII Part Two. According to Beyond the Serpent Pillars, they had started some time before the game itself. This coincides with the fact that the freeing of the first of the Banes of Chaos by Batlin started the storms, and they became worse with each freed Bane.

The Storms are very dangerous, and make sea-travel impossible, as ships seem to draw the lightning to themselves. Interestingly, the storms actually have three different lightning colors, which have three different effects:

  • Green: Transmutation (Object is turned into something else)
  • Yellow: Transportation (Object is exchanged with another object)
  • Red: Teleportation (Object is moved to another place)

These storms not only affected Serpent Isle. Because it was once part of greater Sosaria, the storms also appeared in Britannia shortly after the Avatar left, causing havoc there as well. They became so strong that even the Royal Mint was exchanged with a lighthouse. In the end, the storms were stopped when the Avatar restored Balance.