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This article is about a world. For the Ultima VIII character, see Tarna (NPC).


Tarna is a world mostly under the rule of the Guardian.

The Guardian offered the Goblins of this world to help them in seizing control over the world, while in return they would pledge loyalty to him. They did so, and conquered most of the world, enslaving the human population. But as it always is, no one should trust the Guardian. The humans of the north lands of Fyrna wage a bloody war against the Goblins together with the resistance cell of Bishop, and judging by the comments in the Prison Tower, the Goblins fear to lose this war.

The Prison Tower[]

The Avatar visited this world in Ultima Underworld II, but the only location seen was the Prison Tower. This tower is a lonely outpost, and the Goblins in it always fear that Humans could come and kill them all.

Pretending to be a delivery person, the Avatar managed to reach the Commander, Borne, and pretended to be sent by the Guardian. Receiving the keys, the Avatar first freed Bishop, the leader of the human resistance. The Avatar could also choose to free Garg the Troll, who will kill every Goblin in the tower, and Felix, the Prince of Fyrna.


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