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Where in the canon does it state that the Underworld was the "home of the Gargoyles" (on this page) or "The Gargoyles originally lived in the Underworld" (on the Gargoyles page). It was always my impression that the Underworld and Gargoyle homeland were separate places. There are a lot of problems saying they are the same. From Ultima_VI_Nitpicks#Underworld;

  • Why didn’t we see anything of Gargoyle villages in Ultima V?
  • There is a sky down there? Somehow, this contradicts the dark cave system from Ultima V.
  • Why did the Shadowlords never terrorize the Gargoyles in the Underworld?


  • If the Underworld was created when the codex was raised where did the Gargoyles live before it was raised?

All these problems go away if we consider the Gargoyle homeland to be separate from the Underworld. We didn't see any villages because we weren't where the Gargoyles lived. There is a sky there because it is the other side of the world not inside the world like the Underworld. Shadowlords didn't terrorize the Gargoyles because the Gargoyles weren't there to be terrorized. It's been a long time since I've played through Ultima VI so if there is a reference stating clearly that the Underworld and the Gargoyle homeland are the same then I'll accept it. However if there isn't one we should probably remove the sections in the wiki saying they are the same. Fenyx4 04:16, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

-- The gargoyle-Underworld fallacy seems to have become rather widespread and there isn't really any hard evidence to support it. Quite the opposite, if anything. See Talk:Gargoyles for an in-depth discussion. A few pages will need to be altered because of this but I think it should be done. --Terilem 14:03, November 19, 2009 (UTC)