Ultima VIII didn't sell quite as well as its predecessors, mostly because of the disappointment with the game, and is generally seen as a backstep in the series in general. Sergorn 22:18, 5 December 2008 (UTC)Ok does anyone actually have source for that ? Because it has been stated on record by Origin at the time of Ultima IX's release, that not only did Ultima VIII sold well... but that it was the best selling Ultima game at the time and brought of a lot of new fans in the series (and this was actually the purpose of the game, and the reason it was made so different with little references to the previous installments). It seems the only argument used to point that Ultima VIII had poor sales, it the cancellation of Lost Vale - but it's not necessarilly related. Lost Vale could very much have been cancelled simply because EA felt that the add-on wouldn't sell well because of the backclash.

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