Editable Codex

Savage Empire Bug[]

I have not tried to replicate this bug, but there was a bug my brother and I nicknamed "The Curse of Wamap." It involved going into the Uralu camp, then doing "something"(details escape me, though by the name I think it involved stealing reagents from Wamap's hut. Might have tried sneaking past the T-Rex as well.). Anyway, what happened next was, I slept, but when it tried to wake up, the characters kept doing "warm-up" exercises, going to sleep, getting up, etc. Indefinitely. All the while, the time indicator at the top kept scrolling through day and night. ~~Night Spirit Dragon~~

Serpent Isle Hourglass[]

If you build a staircase up the side of the mountain and trigger Thoxa from there, you can keep receiving new Hourglasses everytime you answer the Copy Protection. I'm guessing the system doesn't remove the trigger egg unless you activate it from the ground level. ~~Night Spirit Dragon~~