Sutek, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Palace of Blackthorn

Sutek is an enigmatic and very powerful mage who appears in Ultima V and Ultima VI.

During the reign of Lord Blackthorn, he secluded himself in a small hut built upon the isle that would come to be known as Spektran, devoting his studies to ascertaining the nature of the three shards of the Gem of Immortality and their spawn, the Shadowlords. In Ultima V, Sutek was instrumental in the Avatar's learning of the method by which the Shadowlords could be vanquished.

By the time of the gargoyle uprising as chronicled in Ultima VI, Sutek had descended into madness and taken refuge in the abandoned Palace of Blackthorn, wherein he conducted bizarre experiments and hired several ill-fated engineers to construct a series of catacombs beneath its walls. Upon setting foot on the mad wizard's island abode, the Avatar happened upon the fruit of Sutek's endeavours: killer bunnies and monstrous, two-headed animals. The solitary mage proved arrogant and incendiary in conversation, but revealed that the balloonist at the heart of the False Prophet's pursuit had met his end in the castle catacombs. The Avatar then left Sutek to his madness and encountered the last of his creations: Pushme Pullyu, a two-headed horse that spoke in rhymes and riddles.

Sutek's fate subsequent to the events of Ultima VI is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • His name may have been taken from the ancient Egyptian deity (more commonly known as Set).
  • "Sutek" appears on the trainsim highscores in the first Wing Commander[1].


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