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Stratos, from Ultima VIII
Species: Elemental Titan
Ultima VIII
Location: Windy Point

Stratos is one of the four Elemental Titans of Pagan. She is the Titan of Air, and also the one personifying falsehood. She also rules over the healing magics of Pagan. The school of magic connected to her is Theurgy, the magic of air. Stratos is like all four Titans, a servant of the Guardian. The Avatar puts an end to her in Ultima VIII.

Like all of the four Titans, Stratos became powerful when the Guardian tricked the Pagans to make them powerful through numerous means. In the war against the Zealans, she created twisters and other kinds of storms to destroy her enemies, before assisting the Guardian into mostly destroying the world.

However, after the Guardian moved on, she came into conflict with the other Titans. Stratos demanded high prices for not devastating the land, but still on occasion let storms decimate it. It ended, when she saw what had happened to Hydros. Deciding to use deceit, she pretended to have reformed, and that she now only wanted the best for people, thus, the order of the Theurgists was created.

Her farce came to an end in Ultima VIII, after centuries. After learning her school of magic, the Avatar removed the Breath of Air, cutting her off from her followers. In the Ethereal Void, she dropped the mask, and attacked the Avatar, showing her true face of falsehood. The Avatar used the Breath of Air to drain her of all her powers, destroying her once and for all.

Trivia Edit

  • Stratos is also called the "Mystical Voice".
  • Her relations to the other Titans are these: She doesn't care about any of them.
  • She is voiced by Diane Perella.
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