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Stone Harpies
Stone Harpy
Stone Harpy, from Ultima VII Part Two manual
First appearance: Ultima VII
Last appearance: Serpent Isle

These are enchanted statues, looking like Harpies. They are used as magical guards in important places, and have no own will and mind. However, they are extremely dangerous in combat, and only the most experienced adventurers should dare to attack them.

Stone Harpies are usually used to guard important places like treasure chambers.

They may or may not be an advancement of the Stone Gargoyles seen in Ultima V.


Harpy is a misnomer, for the name actually refers to any enchanted statue capable of human-like animation. In general, these stone constructions are used to guard valuables long-since secreted away in dark tombs.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

Notable examples[]

  • Actually not an example from the Serpent Isle, the Sultan of Spektran has one to guard his treasure chamber. Since Stone Harpies are unknown to Britannia, it can be speculated that he has got it somehow from Serpent Isle.