Spirit from Ultima IX manual
First appearance: Ultima IV
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Spirits, also called "shades," are the souls of dead people who can't go on. Unlike ghosts, their minds are still strong, thus they can hold their appearance and personality and basically act the same like they did when alive. Spirits usually are held on the living plane for some reason and are thankful for help to free them from these chains. Once this happens, the spirit is free to escape to the void to find peace or be reborn.

Spirits usually are found near the place where they had died or some place to which they are especially connected.

Most times to communicate with them, the Seance spell is needed.

Notable examplesEdit

  • There are a number of people the Avatar met who were already dead. Such examples are the people of Skara Brae in Ultima VII, or Beatrix, Shamino's former lover, and the Balance and Chaos Hierophant in Ultima VII Part Two. Khumash-Gor in Ultima VIII is also a good example.
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